Affiliate Program

You refer, We pay you on every sales.

It is a great opportunity to earn in new business model which gives you huge earning as our business has lot’s of ways to interact with customers, it has not only a business but it is a passion to grow along with earning, gives you chance to earn on every sales done by you. to Enrol yourself by filling the form, You will get the affiliation code in next 2 working days,

Thinkinvite business Partner Model to earn.


On 1 to 3 sales you will earn 5% of sale amount.                                                                                  On 4 to 7 Sales  you will get 10% of sale amount.
10th sales onward 15% on sales.

Note:- *It is subject to maximum upto 3000/ Sale.

Here is not end, one top performer gets additional 3% of total sales in a month subsequent month. You may contact us at

Keep Earning !!